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Siemens Powers Up Employer Branding: Building a Global Talent Magnet

Forget washing machines, Siemens is a tech titan quietly shaping the world’s future. From smart…
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Crafting a Team Brick by Brick: LEGO Group’s Talent Quest

Certain brands hold a cherished spot in our memories, yet landing someone’s dream job doesn’t…
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The Metrics That Matter: What HR Leaders Need to Know to Track Progress in 2024

Though promises of efficiency, productivity, and experience boosts may have served as initial motivators for…
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From Data to Success: Experian’s ROI Journey with the Employer Brand Index

At Link Humans, we’re always eager to delve into anything data-related. In this context, we…
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The Science of Attraction: Thermo Fisher’s Data-Powered Employer Branding

In the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition, employer branding reigns supreme. It’s the alchemy of…
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10 Ways to Mitigate the Risks of AI-assisted CVs

In the rapidly evolving landscape of job recruitment, a groundbreaking study by Oriel Partners, a…
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Activision Blizzard’s Talent Attraction Strategy: Three Brands, Three EVPs

Activision Blizzard is a well-known name in the video game industry, with three distinct brands:…
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New Research Exposes the Dog-Eat-Dog World of Big Tech Recruiting

A recent study from Switch On Business delved into the dynamics of talent recruitment and…
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Navigating Employer Branding in APAC’s Diverse Talent Landscape

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, with its rapid digital transformation and vast internet user base, presents…
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Netflix: An Employer Brand Built on Freedom and Responsibility

When it comes to company culture, Netflix is a force to be reckoned with. Its…
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How Mars Used the Employer Brand Index to Refresh Their EVP

Developing an employer value proposition (EVP) is essential for any organization that wants to attract…
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Using Data-driven Hiring to Edge out the Competition

When times are good, and business is booming, companies can afford to make a few…