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Best Questions to Ask During Interviews to Employers

Interview Questions photo from ShutterstockEmployers should not be the only one asking questions during interviews. You should also be asking questions as a candidate to determine if the job fits your career goals. In addition, asking the right questions help you stand out among other candidates because it shows your interest to the position.

Below are some questions that you can ask during the interview to understand if the job is what you are looking for.

1. Can you explain the company’s culture?

2. What are day to day responsibilities of this job?

3. What is the career path for this position?

4. Can you talk about some of the projects I will be working on?

5. How much travel is expected for this position?

6. Am I going to work individually or with a team?

7. Whom do I report to in this position?

8. Are you planning to hire more people to this team/department in the upcoming months?

9. Are there any training opportunities in the company?

10. Is there a performance review process? How often are performance reviews (annually, twice per year, etc.)?

11. What is your favorite thing about this company?

12. What don’t you like about working here and why?

13. Can you talk about this company’s plan for growth? Are you planning to launch any new products or take on any new projects?

14. Are there any company perks such as casual Fridays, flexible work time, health insurance, etc.?

15. Is there a start date for this position?

16. What are the next steps for this interview? How soon can I hear from you?

17. Is there anything else that you want me to answer?

Questions to Avoid During Interviews

1. What does this company do? (Do your homework before the interview, look at the company website or use a search engine)

2. Do I need to come to the office every day or can I work remotely? (Unless this is a sales position, a part-time position, or the possibility of working remotely is stated on the job ad, assume that you are expected to come to the office every day.)

3. How much does this position pay? (If they don’t ask you your salary expectations, never ask about the pay.)

4. Don’t ask how many vacation days you will have and how soon you can use them. Discuss this when you are extended the offer.

5. Don’t ask how long you should wait before getting promoted.

6. Don’t ask how many hours a day you are expected to work. In addition, don’t ask if overtime work will be necessary.

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