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Build your Personal Brand on Facebook for Your Next Job Search

When it comes to building your personal brand for new career opportunities we think of tapping into LinkedIn. But did you know that Facebook is also a valuable job search tool? This powerful network is a perfect place to showcase your accomplishments and skills, and build a strong reputation.

So how do you best use Facebook to find that next employer or opportunity? Through reaching out to your friends with posts, announcements, and any information that would draw attention to your goal.

Think about it. Facebook has become one of the most popular social networks in the world. Next to Twitter any news, announcements, and referrals come directly to you before anyone else knows about it. Consider your connections, and choose wisely. They just might be holding the key to your new position!

How to use Facebook for your job search

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing to build your personal brand and network on Facebook.

Change your privacy settings – This is an important step, especially when you are currently employed. You will want to add extra security measures, and be sure that spammers are not posting to your profile and making comments on your posts.

Join company pages – Do you have your sights set on a specific place of employment? Become a fan of their Page, and start interacting there. This will also give you a gauge of what they are looking for in an employee.

• Watch for recruiting ads – Some employers are using Facebook to attract potential employees with ads. Facebook will remember your searches, and so start performing one for the organizations you are interested in.

Have a great description – Take a look at your profile on LinkedIn, and try to match that as closely as possible in your Facebook description. Carefully choose your title, position, and any companies you work for or who have been at in the past.

Building your personal brand on Facebook takes time, patience, and attention. If you are planning on using this network as a professional outreach, be wise about what you post. and is it something you want a prospective employer to see?  You may also choose to create a Facebook Page instead if you do not want to use your personal profile.