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Consider an Internship for a Career Change

Career Change photo from ShutterstockInternships are generally associated with students who need to get some work experience so that they can secure a full-time job easier by the time they graduate. However, an internship can be useful for anyone who is looking to change careers or go back to the workforce after a long absence.

If you want to change your career but don’t have any experience in the field that you are planning to work in, making an internship can be the solution. Internships are crucial in your efforts to land a full-time job because you build your skills and gain more experience. Also, you can build your reputation and have references to help you land your full-time position. You can list your references on LinkedIn and share this information with potential employers and show that you’ll bring value to them.

The downside of making an internship is that most of them are unpaid. This makes the situation difficult for people who need a significant amount of payment at the end of the month to pay their bills. Also, if you don’t fit into the usual demographic of an intern, which is a twenty something college student, it may be more difficult for you to secure an internship. However, I recommend you not to give up and keep trying. There is even a movie about this. Two salesmen in their mid-forties, who are looking to change their careers, apply for an internship at Google for a shot at full-time employment. Nevertheless, they achieve their dreams at the end and secure a full-time position at Google. There is no reason why you cannot be like these guys. If you brand yourself correctly and have the right attitude, there is no reason why employers don’t consider you. Remember people hire people and not resumes.

If you decide that making an internship is the solution for you to fulfill your dreams, then, network and talk to professionals in that field. Networking is the key in securing an internship. If you have the right network, it can help you in a greater way by giving you access to more people who are actually working for specific companies that you are targeting and who can refer you to their companies. This greatly increases your chances of achieving your dreams, and it is also good for the employee referring you because he or she may get a financial reward if you get hired.