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Ho, Ho, Ho… Merry Job Search!

Holiday Job Search photo from ShutterstockYou may think that the holidays are a good time (errrr… excuse) to take a break from your job search activities, but think again…employers are still hiring and they need great people just like you! In fact, the holidays can be an optimum time to increase your search efforts and here’s why:

#1 – Competition – It’s very common for job seekers to ‘take a break’ during the holidays. Hence, an obvious opportunity… right? Example: If all the runners in a race take a break at the lemonade stand before the finish line and you keep going… who stands a better chance of winning? (yes… it’s you!) So, plan on beating the competition and continue your search. Employers still have openings – be their holiday gift!!

#2 – Your Networking Dream – This is a perfect opportunity for you to increase your networking activities because the holiday season is full of people who want to connect. Say “yes” to the holiday gatherings you’re invited to; this is a great place to meet new people. There are so many easy topics to talk about because you can bring the holidays into your conversation. It’s the time of year networking and connecting can be at its best. Use it to your advantage (and connect on LinkedIn with everyone you meet… a networking must!)

#3 – Relaxed Spirit – People always seem to be a little more relaxed during this time of year (well… except for the shopping crowds…argh). This is an opportunity for you to re-connect with people you may have been out-of-touch with for a while – reach out and check in. People are normally warmly open to reconnecting during the holiday season… “tis the season” and all.

#4 – Money, Money – Remember budgets… yes, they are commonly being handed out for first quarter of the New Year and yay!! they may be budgeted to hire someone just like you in a few short weeks. So, turn on the charm and let them know you’re available. Taking a break until the New Year may be your first New Year’s Resolution mistake.

#5 – Do Something Different – If you just can’t get your arms around all of the other tips here then maybe this one will warm your holiday heart. Volunteer! This is such an amazing way to connect with new people and pull you into something you can feel passionate about again. It’s a way to get you out of the ‘job search slump’ and make you feel fulfilled again, and a great time to do this is during the holidays. And hey… you just might meet your next employer, many teams from companies volunteer at this time of year too.

So instead of thinking about pausing your search during the holidays –think again and rev it up!