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Keep Tabs on Your Visible Personal Brand

When it comes to building a reputation for your personal brand we often neglect to follow what others are seeing about us online. But this is an important step not to be missed, especially for those looking for new job opportunities. Here are some tips on how to monitor your social networks and online activities for maximum effectiveness.

A personal reputation is extremely visible in today’s Internet world. You are responsible for how others perceive you both online and offline, which can make or break a job opportunity. What gets noticed by recruiters? Your integrity, online communication, appearance, and how others perceive you. Once a post or tweet is online, it is a permanent record.

Before you go on that next job interview you will want to pay attention to the image of your personal brand that is being portrayed through communication. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to assume that everything is okay, but it pays to perform a personal assessment of your online activity.

Recruiters are constantly seeking valuable candidates online. Whether you are aware of it or not, your online profiles are being looked at and evaluated in a highly competitive environment. This the first impression that they will have of your personal brand, and so you will want to make it a great one.

How to keep tabs on your online reputation

There are several steps you can take when building a personal brand to ensure a winning persona.

Be honest – Don’t hide mistakes or failures. Take care of any explanations online first before it is brought out in public.

Stay true to your niche – Remain focused on your current skills, and create content around your area of expertise. Narrow your connections to your industry, and avoid spreading your reach too thin.

Allows others to promote your personal brand – Be careful not to blow your own horn constantly. Your reputation is built on the recommendation of others. Showcase these on your social profiles.

Stay active on social media – Communication is what drives a personal brand online. Stay in contact with your network, and engage in conversation daily.

When you spend extra time to monitor your personal brand you will not only protect your reputation, but your persona will stand out from the rest and get noticed by job recruiters in your niche.