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Present Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn for Job Searches

When it comes to presenting your personal brand to employers you might miss the opportunity to create a stellar LinkedIn profile. It’s not enough to just add your relevant information – it is critical  to write an online profile that stands out in addition to showcasing your accomplishments and skills.

So what is the best way to complete a LinkedIn profile? Through a targeted description, a professional image and focus. It combines your experience and skills along with personal recommendations and places it into an easy to understand format.

Bland or incomplete LinkedIn profiles are commonly overlooked – when creating a personal brand  is about showing the best that you have to offer that stands out from the others. A job seeker needs to know how to display their strengths, and also communicates how they can solve a need(s) for potential employers.

How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Here are ten ways you can take your online resume to the next level and get noticed by recruiters and potential employers.

  • Use a professional profile picture – See what other LinkedIn users are displaying on their profiles and compare which ones stand out to others that are either not there or unprofessional. Make sure yours is up to par, and is both friendly and well presented.
  • Write a clear headline – This is your chance to shine right off the bat. Be clear in what you specialize in and what value you can add to potential employers rather than just writing a simple job title.
  • Create a targeted job description – Take a look at similar profiles to yours and determine which ones offer the most clear and concise job description. Take note of what words stand out, and create your own description based on your top skills.
  • Make the summary short – Recruiters and employers quickly review LinkedIn profiles. It is vital to make your summary a maximum of three to five short paragraphs with the use of bullet points for your most important skill sets.
  • Be creative with Buzzwords – Phrases such as “expert,” “creative,” and “strategic” are nice, but these are commonly used. Try to brainstorm other effective alternatives in your profile.
  • Showcase your achievements – Many job seekers either forget or undervalue this important aspect of their LinkedIn profile. The network makes it easy to add your achievements, and this information is a great compliment to your experience.
  • Put a current position in place – Whether you are employed or not, it is important to show that you are currently working in your niche, even if you are “in training,” potential employers are looking for this information.
  • Ask for a recommendation – When you successfully complete a project or are recognized inside a company, ask for a written recommendation on LinkedIn. If possible, keep this going once a month to showcase your assets.
  • Update your status and post articles – Part of building a personal brand is conveying that you are an expert in your niche. Create memorable posts or share articles at least once a week with a clear link to Twitter on your profile for additional exposure.
  • Participate in groups – There are literally thousands of groups on LinkedIn, which are a valuable resource for information and networking. This is a sure fire way to grow your connections and expose your profile to more potential employers.