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Three Ways to Date to Get a Job

Ask a Date photo from ShutterstockDating to get a job?

I have written before about how the dating process is very synonymous to the job search process. Sometimes to get the job you want, you need to be creative and ask for the date.

I am working with three very experienced professionals on their job searches. Each was approached by employers about positions but… the employer was not quite ready to make that all-important hiring decision. Whether it was budget, cultural fit, or they were just nervous about expanding, a lot of employers drag their feet in pulling the trigger.

Sound familiar?

How about asking for a date to get a job?

Let me recount three different scenarios that have happened in the last month.

Client #1

Client #1 interviewed with a small firm that is rapidly expanding. They were very impressed with the client’s skills and, more importantly, the client’s background with a particular channel partner. Client #1 proposed a multi-step strategy during the interview process that the hiring manager really liked.  They were not ready to hire though! They put the process on hold.

Client #1 proposed instead a 20-hour per week contract to develop the first two steps of the plan. They liked the idea and are currently considering it.

Rather than going away Client #1 asked for a date to get a job!

Client #2

Client #2 interviewed with a technology consulting firm. They know they needed someone with this client’s skill set for a newly created position. But they were not sure how this newly created position would fit in the organization. They again put this position on hold.

Client #2 proposed a 90 day contract to get the ball moving. They liked the idea but want to wait until January.

Rather than walking away Client #2 asked for a date to get a job.

Client #3

Client #3 interviewed for a marketing position with a growing engineering firm. They have never hired a full-time marketing person. Client #3 realized what they really need first is a marketing plan and told them that during the interview.

In the meantime, a critical person was fired from the engineering firm and the marketing position was put on hold while they fill the other critical position.

Client #3 proposed to come in as a consultant to write the marketing plan. We are waiting on their response.

Rather than walking away Client #3 asked for a date to get a job.

I am pretty confident that if any of the companies accept the offer to date, the client will get the job, if he or she decides, ultimately, to take it.

This is like dating and marriage, you both have to agree that it is the right thing to do.

I have seen a lot of positions being put on hold because the companies are not sure if they know exactly what they want or if the expense is worth the potential reward.

Be willing to be creative and make an offer to date to see if making the hire is worthwhile. It also gives you the opportunity to see if this is someplace you want to work.

Give it a try! Ask for a date to get a job!


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