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Why Should Companies Hire International Candidates?

International Flags photo from ShutterstockCompanies should hire international candidates because sometimes it is very difficult to find some of the skills that they are looking for among the domestic ones. Therefore, they should hire international candidates to fill that skills gap.

For example, statistics show that there aren’t many domestic computer science students studying programming in Java. Consequently, employers looking to hire an entry-level Java programmer would have difficulty finding enough qualified candidates to fill those jobs. Therefore, in order not to limit their options, employers hire international students who can program in Java.

Companies usually want to hire the best person for a position, so that’s why they should keep their options open. However, still it depends on the job characteristics of companies because some companies have specific jobs that it is much beneficial for them to hire someone culturally adept and culturally knows the system, the country and the background and all of that.

For example, if the company is an auditing company that has only American clients, it might not be beneficial for that company to have internationals in the organization, but if the same auditing company has international clients from India, China, or Brazil, or European countries, having an international person in that organization who might work with international clients would be beneficial for them so they should definitely hire international people.

Some companies might have already experienced hiring international candidates so they might feel comfortable with the process and they might think that having an international person in their organization might change the operations in terms of bringing new perspectives to their company. Also, some companies love diversity and understand that diverse backgrounds and thoughts are going to provide them with innovation and better results overall. For all of these reasons, they should be more comfortable going through that immigration and paperwork process. They should be more willing to hire international candidates.

Other reasons why companies should hire international candidates are their language skills. All of the international candidates are bilingual and some of them speak three or more languages fluently. Also, international candidates are less likely to quit unexpectedly because their work visa is tied to the employer and it takes time to transfer that visa to a different employer. Finally, international employees make it easier for companies to attract and maintain a diverse workforce.

Hiring international candidates is not as difficult and costly as the employers think. Next week, I will explain how companies can hire international candidates.